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L. A. Girl Make Up Package

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The secret to a long lasting make up look

Have you ever wondered how a pro make-up artist achieves the long lasting make up glam look?

I noticed that whenever i apply my make up it doesnt usually stay for long as the one i was applied on by a make up artist.
I have always wondered why i use better products than many make up artist yet never achieve a good enough long lasting look as when i visit a beauty salon.
If you're like me and have always wanted to achieve this kind of make up look on your own look no further.

Today i give you the secret which Make-up artists use in their make up application that enables them to get that long lasting, matte and well blended make up.
I've already given you 50% of the answer and the key word being WELL BLENDED. I noticed after the make up artist does my eyebrows they usually spend a good amount of time blending the foundation well on my face.
The other half comes in knowing which products will actually make it easy to blend.
With a good quality light primer and a thick textured matte foundation you create the perfect base which basically any product applied after that just sticks and sits well giving you the long lasting make up you've always wanted to achieve.

What make up artists have done is that they have reapeted this procedure over and over enough to master it thats why no matter which skin type you are oily or dry it doesn't matter to them because this is the essential part of any make up application.
Master this and you can take your make up game to a whole new level.

I have already combined for you the products that you need to start this journey to make you achieve the long lasting make up which include;-
L. A Girl Primer
L. A Girl Pro.Matte Foundation
L. A Girl Pro Concealer
L. A Girl Pro Setting spray
L. A Girl Lipmatte
Ben nye loose powder (i used this beacuse it mattifies the make up base better).

You can visit us at our store located along Moi Avenue Nairobi Or Whatsapp Video call us on 0796387797 and 0789505555.
Don't be left out on this opportunity and remember:
“There are no ugly women, only lazy ones”
― Helena Rubinstein


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