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6 Steps For Easy Makeup Routine in 10 Minutes.
As a beginner in makeup getting the steps right can be challenging and confusing at times. Weat Dotcom Beauty have therefore worked with a Proffesional Makeup Artist to clarify and guide many beginners on how makeup should be applied.
The Package below has been Designed for the absolute Complete necessities in makeup for a beginner.
-With the first step being the eyebrows; Eye pencil, Foundation and Concealer are used to Draw and highlight the eyebrows well.
-Second step being Applying Eyeshadow, Eyeliner and Mascara.
The eyes being the most important part of the makeup is usually dealt with first. take your time in mastering the process.
-Third Step is Applying primer and foundation blending. Apply in small amounts while blending to maximise coverage.
-Fourth Step Dab Powder on the Face to ensure the Foundation sticks and stays in place.
-Fifth Step Apply lipstick on the lips.
-Sixth Step is The Setting Spray (Fixer spray) This Enables Your Make up to stay fresh for Longer.


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